Dan Slone on “Upgrading Suburbia”

Dan Slone recently presented at the annual Greenprints Conference and Trade Show in Atlanta, in a session titled “Retrofitting and Repairing Suburban Sprawl.”

Dan Slone Greenprints Presentation

Dan Slone Presents at Greenprints Conference and Trade Show


For several decades, Dan has been a leader in formulating ways to improve buildings, community and municipal plans, building products, and organizations.  At Greenprints, Dan discussed ‘seven steps for suburban upgrades,’ which include:

  • Develop vision–engage leaders
  • Engage public
  • Remove impediments
  • Build-up development mechanisms
  • Build supporting codes
  • Invest in infrastructure
  • Execute relentlessly through all available mechanisms

Along with DPZ’s Director of Town Planning Galina Techieva and Professor Ellen Dunham Jones of Georgia Tech, Dan talked about ways to reconfigure existing and underperforming sprawl into more sustainable, energy-efficient, healthy places. In addition to discussing the problems presented by sprawl, Dan talked about some built examples of upgraded projects as well as future tools for improving the effectiveness and profitability of suburban redevelopment. Dan’s presentation can be viewed here. Planned Densification is outlined in slides 29 – 33.










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