Cowan Paper Published in JOSRE

The Journal of Sustainable Real Estate has published Sustainability for Suburbs by Errol Cowan, PhD. He highlights the need to address unsustainable and declining suburbs. Dr. Cowan  suggests public and private programs to compensate for the diminishing ability of government funded redevelopment.                     Share this:TwitterFacebook Read More

Wiley Releases ‘Legal Guide’ by Slone, Goldstein, and Gowder

Dan Slone, along with Doris Goldstein and Andrew Gowder, Jr., have authored an important contribution to the literature of urban betterment. It is A Legal Guide to Urban and Sustainable Development for Planners, Developers, and Architects. Andres Duany writes in the Forward: “Urbanism is not about simplicity or isolation. The question each true urbanist must ask is not, “How do I make my peace work.” It is, “How can my piece help the community... Read More

Dan Slone on “Upgrading Suburbia”

Dan Slone recently presented at the annual Greenprints Conference and Trade Show in Atlanta, in a session titled “Retrofitting and Repairing Suburban Sprawl.” Dan Slone Presents at Greenprints Conference and Trade Show   For several decades, Dan has been a leader in formulating ways to improve buildings, community and municipal plans, building products, and organizations.  At Greenprints, Dan discussed ‘seven steps for suburban upgrades,’... Read More