By Mark Smith   – Fundamental cause missing in sprawl literature – – Fixed assets in changing markets – – Chronic sprawl is in part market inefficiency – – Development processes and techniques contribute to sprawl –  – Solution is pre enabling densification – – Many factors said to cause sprawl might be considered demand generators – – Excessive sprawl is not responsive... Read More

Ideas to Attract Private-Sector Investment in Suburban Improvement Projects in an Era of Reduced Public Support

U.S. EPA’s Office of Sustainable Communities recently released a compendium of research papers for the National Conversation on the Future of Our Communities.  Dr. Cowan’s paper  From Sprawlvilles to Sustainable Suburbs: Ideas to Attract Private-Sector Investment in Suburban Improvement Projects in an Era of Reduced Public Support is included.                       The compendium... Read More

Mark Smith Discusses Planned Densification at USD

How can we expect to reduce sprawl if we don’t allow real estate in key locations to coevolve with market demand? Mark Smith recently spoke at the University of San Diego about Planned Densification. In this clip from that talk (5:28), Smith explains asynchrony as an economic cause of sprawl, and as a barrier to coevolution.   The Wedge Share this:TwitterFacebook Read More

How Much Density?

By Mark Smith We are sometimes asked to explain ‘what is density?’ and ‘what is our position on density?’ In our view, the appropriate type and degree of density is locally and regionally determined, through community engagement and feasibility analysis. Planning may include a situational assessment of the economic and design influences on density, market and financial feasibility, and public and entitlement processes. See a summary of these... Read More

Wiley Releases ‘Legal Guide’ by Slone, Goldstein, and Gowder

Dan Slone, along with Doris Goldstein and Andrew Gowder, Jr., have authored an important contribution to the literature of urban betterment. It is A Legal Guide to Urban and Sustainable Development for Planners, Developers, and Architects. Andres Duany writes in the Forward: “Urbanism is not about simplicity or isolation. The question each true urbanist must ask is not, “How do I make my peace work.” It is, “How can my piece help the community... Read More

Dan Slone on “Upgrading Suburbia”

Dan Slone recently presented at the annual Greenprints Conference and Trade Show in Atlanta, in a session titled “Retrofitting and Repairing Suburban Sprawl.” Dan Slone Presents at Greenprints Conference and Trade Show   For several decades, Dan has been a leader in formulating ways to improve buildings, community and municipal plans, building products, and organizations.  At Greenprints, Dan discussed ‘seven steps for suburban upgrades,’... Read More